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Hello fellow adventurers, enthusiasts, and discreet guests,

Have you ventured far and wide to find your travels lacking an air of mystery? Perhaps uncovering some of the world’s best kept secrets of luxury, liquor, and mystique will whet your appetite. Here at Hidden Libations we divulge information that could send you on a scavenger hunt for secret drinking establishments that are hard to find but well worth it when you do. So sit back, grab an old fashioned, and journey through time to the age of prohibition as we discover the underground world of Hidden Libations.


Your Private Libation Investigators (PLIs)

The Woo Woo NYC

The Woo Woo, located between Hells Kitchen and the largest tourist trap in the world, is a faux 1980s sex shop and a pure blast from the past!

6 Speakeasies in Ireland You Need To Visit

The Emerald Isle, a land known for its pubs and famous black beer! While we do enjoy a well pulled pint of Guinness, you know our true hearts desire lies in the depths of a well-hidden speakeasy flowing with luscious libations and a sultry atmosphere.

5 London Speakeasies You Need To Visit

Late April 2022 we had the chance to stopover London for two nights and tried to hit a number of Speakeasies to add to the map. Our first visit to London in 2017 was just before we started the blog and hadn’t taken good notes or pictures. Unfortunately, London has shamefully been ill represented by Hidden Libations.

Discount Suit Company (DSC)

Located in a shop that looks like an abandoned suit store from the 90s, this long-time speakeasy still had a lovely local feel without the tourist hoopla that typically comes with age and maintained a regular subterranean basement living room atmosphere.

A rather grungy drinking spot, the cocktails are nothing fancy but delicious, and chatting with the staff was the best part. DSC makes you feel relaxed, at home, and ready to return. We certainly wish we had a local bar like this near our home to frequent for the lovely community vibe.

Happiness Forgets

Very small hidden neighborhood bar. This speakeasy was interesting to find because it felt right in the middle of a residential district. No theme to this place, just a nonchalant local drinking hole that’s not easy to see unless you know where to look. The drinks were very unique and very tasty; even better was their great selection of mocktails.

Murder Inc. Cocktails

This bar was so quirky and fun! Definitely a unique theme we enjoyed and would recommend people visiting. The only caveat is that it didn’t feel like a speakeasy, but more just off the beaten path. The bar is found on a bendy alley off the main road, but it’s clearly marked and has lights pointing you downstairs. The drinks were more typical but good and it was a fun place overall.