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Apotheke New York City Speakeasy

by | Dec 6, 2019 | New York City

Hidden within the historic murderous bend of Chinatown, and located beneath the chemist’s sign, you will find an apothecary of the strongest libations.
A popular place on the weekends, our first visit to Apotheke was rowdy and loud with a night club atmosphere. However our second visit on a week night was much more relaxed, quiet, and spacious. Depending on the atmosphere you desire, choose your night wisely. It is good to note that this speakeasy opens later than most bars at 8pm and usually has a few people waiting to get in.
Look for the Chemist sign to gain entrance to the speakeasy
Try Some apothecary concoctions at Apotheke
Once inside this dark den, let your eyes adjust from the lights outside and make your way back to where the bar is located. A team of lab coat adorned “pharmacists” will help you choose your libations for the night and prepare a cocktail that will mend your ailments of boring complacency. The drinks are unusual, botanical, and the best China Town has to offer!
The decor is reminiscent of an antique pharmacy that could have been hidden within a Victorian castle. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious- both when it’s quiet and crowded. This air of old mystery adds so much to the experience of Apotheke, giving guests a sense of being somewhere they don’t belong and yet never want to leave.
The bartenders at Apotheke are dressed like pharmacists
Apotheke Speakeasy
Apotheke Speakeasy

There are other Apotheke speakeasies popping up around the world. There is one in Saint Petersburg Russia on our list for this year. We asked our pharmacist if they are sister bars and shaking his head despairingly, said that they are all copy cats. The China Town location is the original, opening in 2008, all the others are not only taking their name, but copying the lab coat pharmacist mixologists look as well. We look forward to reporting back after Russia.

A strong and savory cocktail at Apotheke New York
Enjoy the vintage atmosphere at Apotheke

For now, there are a lot of hidden bars popping up in China Town to try. Most are decent, but none top the mystery, craftmanship, and authenticity, as Apotheke. So no matter where you go in lower Manhattan, make sure you stop by for a tonic to heal your ailments from the professional mixologists at Apotheke.

(Note: Backpacks are not allowed inside. No exceptions.)
Your ailment-free PLI’s
(Visited September 2019)