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Bodega Grungy Hidden Miami Speakeasy

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Miami

​Oh Miami, you were just not our cup of tea unfortunately. When researching speakeasies for the popular party destination of south Florida, we found quite a few options, but most had a club party atmosphere that we were not looking for. One of our stops that we really had been looking forward to was Bodega Taqueria y Tequila. The front part of the restaurant was awesome, the grungy Miami Speakeasy in the back, not so much.

We first have to mention that Bodega is 100% worth going to for its street style tacos! The restaurant out front looked like a 60s food truck shoved into open air storefront, and it had some of the most amazingly delicious tacos! This gave us high hopes for the hidden bar in the back.

Bodega Grungy Hidden Miami Speakeasy
Bodega Grungy Hidden Miami SpeakeasyEntrance
The CBGB atmosphere of Bodega Miami Hidden Bar

The entrance is through a port-a-potty door into a small room with fake urinals and graffiti walls, it’s a realistically grungy feel that amps you up for what’s behind the back door. But what we weren’t expecting, was for it to feel just as grungy and dirty on the inside. The space is large, but dark and dingy with miss-matched furniture and strange art all over the place. The couch we were sitting on had a red crushed velvet backing, but also a camo cushion that clashed horribly. I appreciate grunge, but this really felt like the horror stories from CBGB in the 80s!

The grungy interior of Bodega
The grungy interior of Bodega

There was a lot of open space and you could tell that later in the night it becomes a crazy club atmosphere, which we know we don’t like and is why we went earlier in the evening (early for Miami meant 9pm). It was certainly not an atmosphere we were enjoying with loud thumping music, hardly any light, and feeling like you’re about to catch hepatitis.

Unfortunately the drinks mirrored the atmosphere and were just as disappointing. We each ordered a different type of margarita, which seemed to be their specialty; and it also happened to be national Margarita day. They were each more lackluster than the next, and were absurdly expensive for what they were.

Trio of Margaritas from Bodega Miami
The mezcal old fashioned was disappointingly sweet

Though it sounds like we’re ripping Miami and this hidden bar a new one, do not be dismayed if you have a trip planned to this iconic city and hope to find a good watering hole. We did find a place with better character, so check out our post about the authentic Miami Speakeasy here!

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