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Mar 7, 2019London

The best kept secret in London is found underground in a post WWII bunker. As if frozen in 1946, this bunker is themed immaculately as an underground tube safe haven, train car included. Cahoots is the place for ragtime fun, libations, and cheer.

Our Cahoots drinks!
The Secret Entrance of Cahoots in London
Our Cahoots Drinks!

To find this vintage secret, look for the gated door within a red tiled UNDERGROUND station sign inside Kingly Court. Give the password, received via reservation, to the bell hop and head on down the rickety, no longer working, antique escalator. When you are down in the depths of the bunker, a swanky hostess will lead you to a table for the evening. There is an open center to the bar with lots of little tables and stools (we were seated right in front of the stage in this area), there is a section of seating within the tube car (excellent for a party), and of course many nooks and crannies fill holes around the wall. 

Unlike any other secret bar we’ve been to before, Cahoots hosts live music featuring musicians skilled in the era of 40’s jazz and swing. We were graced and hackled by the beauties that are The Hotsie Totsies, a trio of dames that are a vision of vintage style and flare. They were certainly the highlight of our night. The Hotsie Totsies are regulars at Cahoots and I highly recommend reserving a night they’ll be performing.

You can sip your cocktails in a repurposed underground car
Non-conventional drink ware at Cahoots
Looks like he just kissed her hand?

Drinks are served in antique glassware, tin cans, milk bottles, and everything in between. Mixed cocktails are of superb quality and flavor; for rationing during the war, these bartenders hold nothing back! Menus are creative newspapers with more entertainment than just a list of drinks and snacks. No detail is overlooked as Cahoots thrilled us with their level of style and impeccable “blast from the past” atmosphere.

We could go on and on about the amazing watering hole that is Cahoots Speakeasy London, but it is something you just need to experience for yourself. My fellow libation hunters, do not go to London and miss a trip to Cahoots. Remember to call ahead and request the password, then hop down to Kingly Court and get ready to flip your wig!

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Your PLIs (visited October 2017)

Hidden Libations Rating


5 of 5 Keys
Cahoots Speakeasy London Rating


5 of 5 Keys
Cahoots Speakeasy London Rating


4.5 of 5 Keys
Cahoots Speakeasy London Rating


5 of 5 Keys
Cahoots Speakeasy London Rating


Cahoots Speakeasy London

Cahoots Speakeasy London

13 Kingly St, Soho, London W1B 5PW, UK

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