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Sunshine Laundromat Speakeasy

And now for something completely different: Sunshine Laundromat! Tucked away off the beaten path in Brooklyn, this dive bar brings pinball nostalgia to the forefront as the main attraction. The laid back bar doesn’t serve liquor but has many craft beers, ciders, and a frosé on tap. Unfortunately when we went the washer door you enter through was broken, but you did walk through a functioning laundromat and through a washer door to get in, very gimmicky, very fun! Be ready to lose a lot of money playing the pinball machines though, it’s addicting and you want to just hang out for hours.

The Garret West – Speakeasy Inside of FiveGuys

Looking for no tourists, no kitch, and somewhere effortlessly cool? Head to the back of this FiveGuys and disappear before everyone’s eyes as you head up the secret stairwell to Garret West. With lots of windows and skylights, this lighting in this bar is fantastic in the afternoon; something to separate this hidden bar from most dark speakeasies. The atmosphere has its own unique aesthetic, the best way to describe is chic grunge. It’s upscale yet relaxed, a perfect getaway for a good drink.

Peachy’s – Underground NYC Speakeasy

The sign says “there’s no finer town than chinatown” and we might agree. Chinatown is host to many speakeasies, some better than others, and Peachy’s is top notch. Quirky, playful, and unique, Peachy’s brings all the best Chinatown flair into this slightly hidden gem. Order a drink from a cat mug? Check. Marvel at the waterfalls of cherry blossoms? Check. Drink killer drinks and enjoy the chaos with friends? Check! Don’t miss this eclectic underground Asian oasis.

Garfunkel’s Speakeasy

One of the coziest speakeasies we’ve ever encountered was Garfunkel’s. If you’re looking for a warm atmosphere, excellent cocktails, and a new place to call home, look no further. The place is so well hidden we couldn’t even find it at first, finally figured out which restaurant to enter and got in upstairs. To exit you leave through a separate door, so make sure to take note of the cool entrance because we missed our photo opportunity! Such a lovely place to relax with friends or snuggle up on a romantic date. This is a top notch neighborhood bar, bonus that it’s so secret.

Attaboy NYC Speakeasy

Walking into Attaboy off the street feels like entering your friends sophisticated basement. This speakeasy is very laid back and neighborly. There is no menu and you’re left to the bartenders will based off what you generally like, so if you’re picky, be specific. Each drink is made with flair, and they are very strong with no snacks available so be warned!

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