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Gaslamp Speakeasy Hawaii

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Hawaii

Looking to get away from the busy tourist craze in Honolulu? Head through the mountain and cross over to Kailua where you can find Gas Lamp, a true speakeasy tucked away inside Kailua Town Pub and Grill.

Make your reservation as far in advance as you can as this tiny secret bar only holds around 16 guests (even without complications of Covid-19!). Once you’ve made your reservation, a password will be text to you within two hours of your arrival. Head into the Pub and look for the vintage wooden telephone booth. Our password for the night was “the butler did it”, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

The dark entrance of Gaslamp Speakeasy Hawaii
Gaslamp Speakeasy Hawaii

Checking in to this dark den, the hostess made a joke they all refer to themselves as vampires due to the low lighting. Be prepared to use your phone to see the menu and move around, at least until your eyes adjust. There is a strict dress code, and it’s almost awkward to walk into the grungy laid back pub all dressed up, but it definitely adds to the mystique and overall experience. Inside the telephone booth, the atmosphere is intimate; it almost feels like entering a rustic antique closet with a wet bar.

The interior of Gaslamp Speakeasy Hawaii
Tiki Cocktails at Gaslamp Hawaii

Once again, this Hawaiian speakeasy had an exotic dinner menu with over the top table side presentation for most of the dishes. We ordered the divine signature Diver Sea Scallops, topped with caviar and made to perfection. Other tables we saw had a hanging Waygu Tomahawk carved table side and another large dish set aflame. Prices are sky high but you certainly get the quality you pay for.

Diver Sea Scallops at Gaslamp
When in Rome Cocktail

The cocktails at Gaslamp were fun, presentable, and sophisticated. Our two favorites were the tiki inspired libations served in various skull containers. Sushi in Mexico was a mezcal concoction with guava and Campari in the glass skull, and Mother Mayhem was a tropical rum cocktail served in a rustic skull; both were topped with a delicious coconut whip cream! We also ordered When in Rome to try a non-tiki libation – a gin and grapefruit concoction that was a fresh finish to the evening.


Mother Mayhem Cocktail
Sushi In Mexico Cocktail
Gaslamp is a luxurious speakeasy hidden inside a grungy pub, and that’s one of our favorite kinds! You can never judge a Speakeasy by its cover, and Gas Lamp provided a wonderful experience throughout. Skip Honolulu and stay in Kailua, but certainly make your reservations in advance to visit Gas Lamp, Oahu’s first speakeasy.

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