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HiCO – Hawaiian Coffee

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Hawaii

HiCO is not a speakeasy, but we would regret not including This tiny café on our Hawaiian list of hidden bars as the locally popular coffee shop is not known for its libations, and should be!

HiCO Hawaiian Coffee
Interior of HiCO Hawaiian Coffee

We went to HiCO after an Instagram advertisement told us they had an Ubé latte; and this trip was all about sweet purple Ubé everything. We were then delighted to discover their list of cocktails when we arrived; indeed they were hidden libations!

A Speakeasy inside a Coffee Shop?
HiCO Hawaiian Coffee Uses 100% Hawaiian Coffee

HiCO is all about their Hawaiian grown coffee and therefore half of the cocktail menu is coffee forward. There is a twist on a gin and tonic with coffee, a local rendition of an espressotini, and the one we loved, the Nitro Thunder, a creamy rum and chai cocktail with nitro cold brew. They also had a list of libations without coffee; two of these drinks utilized Ubé simple syrup. We ordered the Ubé Margarita and the rich purple hue elevated the otherwise normal margarita. It makes sense that in a delicious café known for its coffee, the prize lies in the coffee libations!

Nitro Thunder at HiCO Hawaiian Coffee Kona
Ube Margarita at HiCO Hawaiian Coffee Kona

HiCO is a laid back Hawaiian cafe with delicious food, coffee, and libations. We were thrilled to stumble upon new cocktails to try on a whim and had to add them to our list. Go grab a cup of joe at HiCO and let them make it with flair!

Two Ubé obsessed PLIs