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Jekyll Hyde Park

by | Nov 24, 2023 | Tampa

Walking past the unassuming bagel shop in Hyde Park, one wouldn’t expect that there is a decadent and delicious speakeasy hidden inside. Sesame functions as an operating bagel cafe, but if you’re in the know, you too can get behind the mirror and into Tampa’s newest hidden speakeasy bar – Jekyll at Hyde Park. 

The front of Jekyll Speakeasy in Tampa FL
The Sesame bagel shop that front Jekyll

Jekyll had only been open for 1 month at the time of our visit in November of 2023, but we were lucky enough to get a reservation. The reservation confirmation included a password, and after telling the cashier at Sesame that we were looking for a “Fruity Date” we were escorted behind the mirror and into the luxurious hidden speakeasy. The dimly lit space was decadently decorated with curious artwork and was lined with spacious booths surrounding a group of tables in a conversation pit configuration. 

Jekyll Speakeasy in Tampa FL
2023 11 24 Jekyll 05

The menu wasn’t just an ordinary drink list – it was a complete book with a page dedicated to each of their signature cocktails – every drink had its own story. We ordered the White Rabbit, an lighter gin based cocktail topped with a citrus air, and the Lost In Translation, which was a tea based bourbon cocktail that was brewed and smoked table-side by one of the knowledgeable bartenders. Both drinks were deliciously concocted and presented which added to the lush and opulent atmosphere of the Jekyll Hyde Park Speakeasy. 

White Rabbit Cocktail
Brewing the Lost In Translation Cocktail
Delicious cocktails at Jekyll Hyde Park Speakeasy

Next time you are in the Tampa FL area, make sure you make a reservation online to visit Jekyll so you can experience this luxurious speakeasy. On the way out, grab a delicious bagel and spread for the road!