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Jungle Cocktail Bar | Classy Iceland Hidden Bar

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Reykjavík

Iceland is the first country we’ve visited that has yet to slip into the speakeasy scene, but Reykjavík is definitely bringing the heat with the craft cocktails!

Previously the best craft cocktail in town could be found at Apotek restaurant and we stopped in to see for ourselves. While Apotek did indeed have excellent service, food, dessert, and cocktails, they led us to our best Icelandic stop: the Jungle cocktail bar. 

Just opened less than two months ago, Jungle is a classy Iceland hidden bar founded by 5 mixologists, previously from Apotek, with a passion to start their own bar focused on the joy of craft cocktails. 

the Jungle cocktail bar classy Iceland hidden bar entrance
the Jungle cocktail bar classy Iceland hidden bar interior
In the upstairs space, the Jungle hides off the Main Street of Austurstræti like a little tropical getaway from the frozen city tundra. Greenery surrounds the space helping these Floridians feel right at home though the weather is 30° outside. The atmosphere is eclectic, yet jungle chic, with vintage furniture strewn around the area. At 8pm the bar was already quickly filling up, and all the bartenders were busy at work creating each personal drink as if it were the art they live for. 
The Blackbird Cocktail at Jungle Cocktail Bar
One of the Mixologists at Jungle a classy Iceland hidden bar
A Gin and ginger custom cocktail
We first tried the Blackbird cocktail, consisting of the famous Icelandic spirit – Brennivín. The cocktail was light, fruity, and a great start to the evening. One of the guys told us about the different homemade syrups they have so we ordered a gin based drink with ginger syrup and whatever surprise they’d come up with. He added flavors of basil and lime and the drink just exploded your taste buds with a spicy kick balanced by delectably strong gin. 
The atmosphere is classy and eclectic - Jungle Cocktail Bar
the Jungle cocktail bar classy Iceland hidden bar interior
The passion and craftsmanship these gentleman have brought together at the Jungle is a fine sight to see in a city that focuses more on craft beer. If you’re ever in Reykjavík looking for a speakeasy, (though Jungle is not technically hidden) we could not recommend any place more highly than this tucked away cocktail club. Welcome to the Jungle ladies and gentlemen!

With boozy best wishes to these fellas in their new endeavor,

Your PLIs 

(Visited December 2019)