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Nov 11, 2018Brooklyn

Tucked away beneath a charming French restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, Le Boudoir is here to seduce you back to a time of opulence, hierarchy, and guillotines. That’s right my libation hunters, we are headed through the bookcase to the bedroom of none other than Marie Antoinette! 

From Atlantic Ave, enter Chez Moi and walk straight back to the bookshelf located on the left wall where an employee will see to your entrance. Through the secret door, you are led underground to a dimly lit beautiful room full of red velvet. Le Boudoir is decorated in lavish rococo form, attempting to emulate the sophisticated style of Queen Marie, and I do say they do a wonderful job. The room oozes sex appeal as you find an intimate niche to sit in.

The Opulent Interior of Le Boudoir
The hidden bookcase entrance to Le Boudoir

On our first trip to this special bar, it was packed from wall to wall with people, difficult even to find a place to stand and yet there was so much charm we still immediately fell in love with the place. Our second visit, however, was even more spectacular as we were the first patrons to enter on a Sunday afternoon. We prefer a quiet, relaxed atmosphere rather than the party scenes usually found on Saturday nights.
Once settled in our crushed velvet booth, Ian the bartender came over and introduced himself and personally inquired about who were were and what we were looking to drink that evening, a bonus to arriving early. {This is also an excellent gesture that I think more speakeasies should incorporate, it gives a more welcoming and homey feel to the bar that is supposed to feel like no one else knows its whereabouts.} Ian chatted about the drinks available, mentioning that though the menu options are great, he can make many more than what is listed! Being in a French hidden bar, and knowing it as one of their specialties, we were in the mood for absinthe. He immediately came up with two distinctive cocktails from memory and after our approval left for the bar.

Ian, The head bartender of Le Boudoir
Le Boudoir a Secret Bar in Brooklyn NYC
The Green Fairy - An Absinthe Drink

We followed along to watch since speakeasy bartending is a complicated art form—it’s almost more fun to watch than to drink the final creation… almost! Ian served up an absinthe rinsed Corpse Reviver #2 and a Green Fairy (this was one of the best drinks we’ve had in a long time!). For the Green Fairy, he used an absinthe with earthy and chocolate undertones called Vieux Pontarlier mixed with lemon juice, sugar, bitters, and mint. The glass came seated in a bowl of crushed ice for added finesse. After just one drink you can see Le Boudoir and its mixologists take great pride in their libations.

There are two other secrets to divulge about Le Boudoir. First, if you have a party large enough, you can reserve a hidden room in the back of the bar. This room is set in stone, castle-like walls, with low arched ceilings; you feel as if you’ve truly entered the depths of her majesty’s chambers.  And secondly, I must mention the restrooms. Over the toilets is a wooden façade meant recreate le toilettes of the 17th century. I will say no more, but you certainly must see this “indoor outhouse” for yourself, it makes the bar wonderfully more memorable.

Secret Back room of Le Boudoir
We Love our time at this Brooklyn Secret Bar

Trekking to Brooklyn is no worry when the reward you are seeking is Le Boudoir. One of the sexiest themed secrets bars we have found, this remains one of our top favorites. We hope everyone will eventually find their way to this underground, velveteen, oasis from the days of Ms. Antoinette. Tis magnifique!

Au revoir,

votre PLIs (Visited Oct. 2016 & Oct. 2018)

A little History: King Louis XVI himself was never granted access through the secret bookshelf to Marie Antoinette’s boudoir.

Hidden Libations Rating


5 of 5 Keys
Le Boudoir | Brooklyn Secret Bar Rating


4.5 of 5 Keys
Le Boudoir | Brooklyn Secret Bar Rating


4.5 of 5 Keys
Le Boudoir | Brooklyn Secret Bar Rating


5 of 5 Keys
Le Boudoir | Brooklyn Secret Bar Rating


Le Boudoir | Brooklyn Secret Bar

Le Boudoir | Brooklyn Secret Bar

135 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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