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Little Branch | NYC Speakeasy

by | Feb 16, 2019 | New York City

A good hidden bar starts with an ambiguous name. The name “Little Branch” leaves much open to your imagination, revealing no hint of what you will find hidden below the door jutting off the corner of two streets meeting. The door gives nothing away as it is only marked by a tiny metal placard inscribed “Little Branch” letting you at least know you’ve found the right place if you knew where to look to begin with. 

Little Branch NYC Speakeasy

The Bees Knees Cocktail
The Ginger Ale Mocktail

When the door opens you immediately descend steeply into the underground, they waste no space in New York City. Though this bar is not “themed” is still feels as if it transports you back in time. There is only three little lightbulbs lit over the bar throughout the entire space, each table has a single candle and that is the only available light your eyes have to adjust to, making Little Branch NYC Speakeasy one of the darkest speakeasies we’ve encountered. The shadowy vibe gives off a sultry feel making each table almost disappear into its own orbit. I’d also like to mention that the tiny bathroom only had one little candle as well, that was an interesting experience in itself.

The drinks are well crafted, if not simplistic in their ingredients, still expensive however. We ordered a Bees Knees cocktail (gin, honey, and lime juice) and a ginger ale which came served more as a fancy ginger beer mocktail. The night we visited it was not busy and yet the staff was still very curt, this could be the norm so don’t plan to be chatty. They also have a list of rules on the wall they expect you to follow which does include keeping a low profile both inside and especially entering and exiting the establishment. 

Definitely a special hide away space for a sexy date night out down by Washington Square. The perfect place for quiet conversation, a delectable libation, and an underground rendezvous.

With discretion,

Your PLIs(visited Oct. 2018)

The bar was dark but perfect for a romantic date
The Little Branch entrance hides in plain sight.