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Los Altos Authentic Miami Speakeasy

by | Mar 8, 2020 | Miami

Finally a hidden bar in Miami that oozes authenticity, class, and just the right amount of flair. Los Altos is a great stop when you want to avoid the club hype on South Beach, and would rather settle down in style, drinking craft cocktails in a lair of sugar skulls. 

Located above a delicious Mexican restaurant, look for the metal grated door on the right and head upstairs to the itty bitty Los Altos Mexican candy shop. Let the attendant know the password (ours for the night was tequila!) and they will open the secret door for you to the bar behind!

Los Altos Authentic Miami Speakeasy
Los Altos Authentic Miami SpeakeasySecret Entrance

As soon as you enter, you’re awash with Gothic sugar skull cathedral atmosphere; perfectly adding a Dia de Los Muertos authenticity to this Miami speakeasy. It is luxurious and low-key at the same.

We arrived right when they opened and though it was empty, you could imagine this space being packed pretty tight while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere; especially compared to the wild night clubs Beachside.

Los Altos Authentic Miami Speakeasy Interior
Los Altos Speakeasy Interior
Los Altos Speakeasy Sugar Skulls

We settled into an alcove along the wall and were more than ready to drink everything on the menu. The drinks were all carefully crafted, with fresh fruits like guava and pineapple and had numerous unique tequilas to choose from. We especially enjoyed the elaborate glassware, including blasphemous prayer candles that added to the atmosphere and theme with appropriate kitch.

All of the drinks were amazing!Both the Señora Guava and Los Altos Margarita with blood orange were fresh and fruity with just the right kick, but it was the Lazo that was the winner of the night with tequila, orgeat, passionfruit, and lime.

Delicious Drinks at Los Altos Authentic Miami Speakeasy
Delicious Drinks at Los Altos Authentic Miami Speakeasy

To top off an already great experience at Los Altos Miami speakeasy, they had a back exit! We find it’s so rare for these bars to have a separate exit from the entrance, and it really adds to the secrecy and the feeling that you found something special.

We wish we would’ve stayed here all night! Los Altos is on a much higher level than all the other hidden bars and speakeasies in South Florida. When planning a trip to Miami, don’t limit yourself to South Beach. Make sure you head over to visit the tiny Los Altos Mexican candy shop and see what secrets you can uncover. 

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