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Patent Pending NYC Speakeasy

by | Jan 23, 2022 | New York City

Patent Pending is one of the most understated themed speakeasies you could find that will continue to impress you in every corner.

What do you theme a hidden bar that resides in the historic Radio Wave Building of New York City; a place where legendary Nikola Tesla lived and created some of the most extraordinary experiments in the world? You create a secret bar as homage to Tesla himself and all the quirky eccentricities that came with his history of course.

Outdoor entrance to Patent Pending NYC Speakeasy
Secret entrance to Patent Pending NYC Speakeasy
Mixologist at Patent Pending NYC Speakeasy

Operating as a fully functional coffee shop during the day; at night the lights inside are off, but brave souls will try the door and realize it opens and leads to a hidden space behind the cafe wall and into a mysterious bar of curiosities. The dark industrial space is rather minimalist upon first view, but it’s the little details that bring the bar to life. For instance, the menu illustrates each cocktail in an engineering style with working notes and sketches. Or, perhaps you’re like me, and the main attraction was the stuffed pigeon floating above the corner of the bar! This pigeon is allegedly the only love of Nikola Tesla- she has no name, but visited him in this very building until her death. The bartender was pretty tight lipped on her and Tesla’s past and it was just the touch of eccentricity that makes me want to return!

Look for a secret message on the sign of Patent Coffee
Peek through the hidden entrance at the back of Patent Coffee Co

The cocktails were expertly made and delicious. We ordered Mind Over Matter first, which was their plum rendition on a mint julep, refreshing and well blended. Next was the buildings namesake: Radio Waves and it was surprisingly spicy in the best way with mezcal and Thai chili combined. Then our favorite cocktail; it was called Light Me Up and included both bourbon and rum with pineapple and peppercorn. The drinks were classy, visually understated, and impeccable!

In the back of Parent Pending is an additional room to the establishment now known as The Lab. This portion of the bar can be reserved for private events and is a mini speakeasy within the speakeasy.

Moody interior of Patent Pending NYC Speakeasy
Tesla's Stuffed Pigeon at Patent Pending NYC Speakeasy
Tesla's Love letter on the menu at Patent Pending NYC Speakeasy

As a side note: We are not over the moon with these pictures- but some of the best speakeasies are so difficult to take good pictures because of the mood lighting! We try *not* to be obnoxious about picture taking to respect other patrons experience in the bar!

Mind Over Matter cocktail at Patent Pending NYC
Radio Waves cocktail at Patent Pending NYC
Light Me Up cocktail at Patent Pending NYC

Overall, Patent Pending really brings it all together in the best way. It has a great secret entrance, an elevated speakeasy vibe inside without going overboard on a theme while still maintaining a unique concept, and most importantly has impeccable drinks. We are so happy we stopped by Patent Pending. It really is a place you want to be surprised by for yourself.

Inspired to engineer some new cocktails,
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