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Slippbarinn | Hip Reykjavik Bar

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Reykjavík

Not exactly secret, but hidden within a communal building that consists of hotel, restaurant, bar, book shop, and who knows what else, Slippbarinn can be found in the middle of this new age complex. Our last drinking stop of the Iceland trip was this hipster pit stop with amazing food and original craft cocktails.

We actually went to Slippbarinn pretty early in the day, around 2 PM, for a late lunch knowing that they had an awesome food menu! Most of the places we are looking for aren’t open this time of day, and it’s always a treat when we can start early (for 29, we’re such old people not wanting to stay out late).

Slippbarinn - hip Reykjavik bar
The hipster seating areas at Slippbarinn
Delicious craft cocktails at Slippbarinn

There are a few entrances into the building and no doors from each establishment to the next inside so you can walk right through to slippbarinn from either direction. There is also a patio section outside that is probably popular at night and/or in the summer, but we found it much cozier inside than out near the street. The atmosphere inside is modern open space with quirky decor scattered around but still minimalistic. It has an artsy vibe that matches the streets of Reykjavík and the Icelandic culture. 

The craft cocktails were original and tasty. Unusual to see was a variation of a sangria that we had to try with lunch and it was refreshing and delightful. As it was early afternoon we also opted for an espresso martini to keep us going. The menu is creative, and out of the box (I’ve seen recently on their IG it was just updated).

We had to try the sangria cocktail
Slippbarinn is a perfect escape from the Iceland cold
The espresso martini at Slippbarinn hip Reykjavik bar

The coolest thing about Slippbarinn was that it’s not trying to be anything else but itself, which is authentic and original. It doesn’t quite hit the speakeasy brief, but was a fun and delicious spot to stop in all the same! 


Your still frozen from the Icelandic winter PLI’s

(Visited December 2019)