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Nov 20, 2018New York City

For a limited time, this pop-up tavern is hidden on the second floor of Barvaria Bierhaus (EDIT: see special note below!). Originally located in London, this bar is themed from all of our favorite fantasy realms. Though not affiliated with any individual brand, lovers of Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, Aaronovitch’s River of London, or our personal favorite, J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter will all gaze in wonder at the experience which is The Cauldron.

The Cauldron is a DIY mixology potions class where, with the help of a potions master, you create a series of drinks using a magic wand, a cauldron, and potions ingredients. If this sounds cheesy to you, I promise you will be impressed, and if you are already twitching your magical fingers in excitement, your expectations will still be exceeded! The full experience was more than we anticipated, and as avid Harry Potter fans and lovers of delectable libations, it was a true treat! Especially when you know you crafted the cocktails yourself, with magic!

All you need to make potions is provided
Slytherins love Potions class!

First let me say all magical persons wishing to attend their own potions class MUST make reservations in advance. We booked online two months before our trip and even still the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was sold out. We snatched two remaining seats on the Thursday night and were thankful we planned ahead! Second, though The Cauldron experience may sound like a lecture full of wizards and witches, it is not a group activity. On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find when you check in, the staff seat your party (even just of two) at your own potions station and you work through the class at your own pace. It was much more intimate creating the potions on your own, and the Hermione in me was elated to show off my capabilities without step-by-step group instruction.

Summon the Potions Master by raising your wand
Figure out how to unlock the cabinet

Throughout your lesson in magical libations, your potions master will attend to your needs, help you along if you cannot find all the magical properties of your station, and deliver the most dangerous of ingredients at the exact moment needed (they can’t have the Manticore venom sitting carelessly by the whole night!). Our potions master, Leo, was a delight! Like every good teacher, he expertly guided us in the right direction but left us alone enough to solve quests on our own. Leo told us to just raise our wand to summon himself or any potions master if necessary. The potions masters were distinguishable in their yellow lined robes. Did I mention we also wear robes? Black robes lined in purple for students are handed out when you check in and receive your magic wand. The Cauldron truly makes this an immersive experience and it was one I didn’t want to leave!

If you are out just looking for a Gin & Tonic, move along mate, because these cocktails are created with essence of lavender, fairy dust, and Dragon’s Tears (and vials of gin of course). In addition to the three drinks you craft on your own, there other beverages you can order that spark, flame, and bubble. So when life becomes mundane, prepare yourself for a journey to another realm and step into the magic and mystery at The Cauldron. But you better be quick as the magic disappears from New York January 2019!


Your PLIs (visited Oct. 2018)

SPECIAL NOTICE** As of Feb. 2019 The Cauldron has taken over the German pub below and is now a permanent resident! It is a huge sensation! Potions classes must still be reserved well in advance but the pub below has all new magical features to explore. If you get there, let us know what magic you uncover before we return! The Cauldron still resides in London at 7 Elephant Rd also as its original location.

Hidden Libations Rating


4.5 of 5 Keys
The Cauldron | Harry Potter Pop Up Bar NYC Rating


4 of 5 Keys
The Cauldron | Harry Potter Pop Up Bar NYC Rating


4.5 of 5 Keys
The Cauldron | Harry Potter Pop Up Bar NYC Rating


5 of 5 Keys
The Cauldron | Harry Potter Pop Up Bar NYC Rating


The Cauldron | Harry Potter Pop Up Bar NYC

The Cauldron | Harry Potter Pop Up Bar

47 Stone Street, New York, NY 10004

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