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The Cauldron NYC

by | Sep 10, 2019 | New York City

It’s not every day you get to relive a magical experience in a whole new way. When we heard that The Cauldron (which was originally just a tiny pop up bar in NYC for a limited time) was now upping the ante and creating a new master potions class, Potion Making 2.0, we jumped at the chance to experience it first!
Head to The Cauldron NYC for a Magical Experience
We ordered The Doom From The Bar
It has been almost a full year from our first trip to The Cauldron, and we were excited to see the new space they created from the old Bier House. We went early to enjoy dinner before class and explore the updated pub. This English style magical pub will delight all who enter; we witnessed many squeals of delight from adults ready to feel like children again in this imaginative place! The tree of life gave the most surprise as it would pour beer and cider with a mere flick from your interactive wand, all the while the wand keeps track of your tab which you can later view in a magic mirror. Many tricks are scattered around the pub and it was so much fun to sit and eat while watching guests scurry around to discover the magic.
Once it was finally time for class we headed upstairs to continue our potions education, grabbed our wand, and donned our cloaks. The 2.0 class includes a drink of choice from three magical fountains and two molecular cocktails. You actually get to choose the two cocktails you wish to make from a list of four, a fun new twist from the original class where everyone made the same drinks. This evening we chose to create the Botany Brew and Time Transfixed.
The advanced level of the class was such a treat for those who took the first class looking for something new. They do not offer Potions 1.0 any longer however and all new students jump ahead to Potions 2.0; though the Potions Masters are happy to help if you get stuck. We even ran into our old Potions Master Leo and enjoyed a chat about the new upgrades to the syllabus and exciting adventures of the Cauldron.
Magical Hourglass used in Time Transfixed
Everything is Interactive!
The Blood Boiling Curse Potion
Those of you who thought you missed your magical chance to enter the mystical world of cocktail potion making are so lucky! Catch your broom, apparate, use the floo, or get here however you can, just hurry up to enjoy the experience that is The Cauldron! Remember, even though The Cauldron is no longer a pop up, you must still reserve your potions class well in advance! The pub below is open for walk ins and worth it if you want a taste of the magic without the price tag of the potions class experience.

As always,
Your magically inclined PLIs,
(visited September, 2019)