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The Little Pig Speakeasy Dublin

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Dublin, Ireland

The super secret sister bar to Blind Pig is The Little Pig. A reservation is necessary for this tiny bar not only to secure your space, but to obtain instructions for how to find the venue itself. And there are a lot of steps: a code, an alley, a sign, and a password. It was the most fun entrance we’ve had in a long time, and the nature of a true speakeasy!

Unlike a blind pig or tiger, a speakeasy was an opulent space dedicated to the rich and famous for their illegal libations. The Little Pig sets the scene for opulence with red velvet, subtle leather, and vintage tasseled lamps. It is a beautiful space, very intimate without feeling cramped due to the limited number of patrons the space can accommodate.

The drink menu is extensive with tastes for all pallets. We particularly enjoyed the Salty Block which you can customize with your spirit of choice. We chose the Teeling Spirit of Dublin; an Irish novelty. The drinks were heavy on the spirits and will certainly be your last stop of the night with their potency. 

The highlight of The Little Pig is certainly the entrance and is not to be missed for a true prohibition experience.