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The Prince of Wales

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Belfast, Ireland

Driving to the West side of Ireland (the Republic of Ireland now), we stayed at Ashford Castle. This castle is a famous 5 star hotel that is known for its service, food, and grandiose rooms. Lucky for us, it also had a wonderful bar tucked inside. Now the Prince of Wales bar is not a true speakeasy – but you have to know its there to find it, and it has a vintage atmosphere from a bygone era that we also appreciate spending an afternoon sitting in.

Most importantly, the Prince of Wales would not have made this list if it did not offer top of the line craft cocktails – and it hit the mark. The bar is stocked with only top of the line spirits, including a limited edition gin made in partnership with the Irish Gunpowder Gin using ingredients from the property. We had to bring a bottle home! My favorite libation ordered was a whiskey and egg white concoction that had flavors of apple and pear, a beautifully balanced cocktail.