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The Saint – Sinful St Petersburg Speakeasy

by | May 2, 2021 | St Petersburg

Are you looking to be a little naughty this evening? Or perhaps you’ve already been bad and feel the need to repent? Find The Saint in St. Petersburg Florida and you can sacrilegiously repent and continue on imbibing on the sins of your life.

The Entrance of The Saint Naughty St Petersburg Speakeasy
Confess to the Nun to gain entry to The Saint

We can safely say in all our travels we’ve never seen a nun as a bouncer! But at The Saint, the experience is 2/3rds the fun, and the Catholic theme is insanely over done in the best gimmicky way possible. The naughty convent feels authentic, believable, and ridiculously fun. To get in, see the nun at the door to enter the confessional. You have to confess the “Sin of the Week”, which you can find on their Instagram, ask the Father for forgiveness, and then you will be led inside. Beware, just like at church, dress code is strictly enforced.

The Opulent Interior of The Saint Naughty St Petersburg Speakeasy
Take a Seat in a Pew - The Saint

Inside the bar you are bathed in red as your sins wash over you. Look for the rebel cherubs Penance and Absolution as you pass through, these statuettes were the inspiration for the bars concept. The sexy nun will guide you to a booth, high top, or even old church pews, and then you settle in for a night of fun libations. If you’re lucky enough to visit on an Unholy Wednesday (every Wednesday), you’ll be treated to Burlesque as well.

There is Red Everywhere in The Saint Speakeasy
View Other Visitor's Confessions on the Confession Wall!

As for the drinks, it was so hard to not try every single one on the Seven Deadly Sins list: each of the sins has been curated into its own cocktail. We enjoyed Envy, which was a refreshing cucumber, tequila, and Prosecco drink; and Sloth, a lavender lemon drop with a table side smoke show! There is much more to the menu after you get past the 7 Sins: more cocktails, wines, beer, and even small bites and desserts. We ordered a delicious Traveling Preacher who arrived like a sweet and viscous Manhattan. Adding to the enjoyment, everything had creative names like The Communion Board (charcuterie), Agony in the Garden (a cocktail) and The Naughty Nun (a busty chocolate cake).

The Envy Cocktail at The Saint
The Traveling Preacher Cocktail at The Saint
The Sloth Cocktail at The Saint

If you have a good sense of humor and are ready to be bad, head to St. Pete and don’t skip this speakeasy. The Saint is so naughty and so much fun! They are turning Sinners into Saints one drink at a time and all you have to do… is confess.

Your Saintly Speakeasy Hunters,
The PLIs