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The Woo Woo NYC

by | Jun 18, 2023 | New York City

Never would we have thought that our new favorite NYC bar could be found so close to Times Square. The Woo Woo, located between Hells Kitchen and the largest tourist trap in the world, is a faux 1980s sex shop and a pure blast from the past!

Start by visiting their website for, not only the password, but to enjoy a trip down memory lane with an old-skool, 8-bit desktop experience. After you’ve secured the naughty phrase of the day to get in, head to the sexy door for entrance. You’ll follow explicit graffiti down to what looks like a fully functional adult store- VHS tapes and toys included!

The Woo Woo Exterior Sign
The Woo Woo NYC Entrance
The 80's themed neon heaven inside The Woo Woo NYC

Inside, the sex shop theme drops off minus a few sexy tidbits here and there, but it does feel like a vibrant 80s discoteque. You couldn’t NOT have a good time in this colorful throwback of a bar! And, unlike most speakeasies, it had a ton of space.

The cocktails and bartenders were great! It was a totally tubular menu to read as well. We started with “Guilty Pleasures”, a tiki drink that arrived flaming at the bar! It was delicious, as well as the next, “Purple Rain” gin and lemongrass cocktail we followed it up with. But the star of the night was surprisingly found in the Woo Woo’s signature shot.

The Woo Woo NYC
Flaming Tiki Drink at The Woo Woo NYC
The Bartenders were so friendly at The Woo Woo

On the menu, we asked what it meant when “Take a Shot Through The Heart” said served 1980’s style? We were not disappointed! A delectable little shot is served on a vinyl record with thin white lines to enjoy…. The lines are candy! But for our dorky selves it was very exciting to pretend!

The Woo Woo Hidden Libations 08
Shot through the heart at The Woo Woo

Finding the Woo Woo was a gnarly surprise and a new favorite speakeasy for NYC. The fact that it’s so close to Times Square means for travelers, this is an easy one to get to. But for everyone else, it’s nice to know that it did not feel like a tourist attraction at all. With a great entrance, fun vibe, and delicious drinks; it’s a woo all around! Sorry- win, it’s a win all around! Skip the chill pill and head straight on down for a wonderfully funky time.

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