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Williams and Graham | Denver Speakeasy

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Denver

Books, mixologists, and vintage flare: certainly a few of my favorite things, and they can all be found at this Prohibition themed speakeasy, hidden behind a secret door in a tiny bookstore in Denver.

Though no longer the most secret bar (due to its immense popularity) Williams & Graham is still a tough place to get into. Be sure to make a reservation before arriving at this hidden gem as it fills up quickly and they do not rush anyone out to make room for newcomers.

The most notable thing about W&G is their personal customer service. Upon entering the establishment, they greet you with introductions and get to know a little about your party. Guiding you through their menu, (which is filled with many nerdy references I much enjoyed- such as the “Bring Me a Shrubbery” cocktail I ordered from Monty Python and the Holy Grail), they inquire what flavors you enjoy and recommend cocktails based on your palette. Additionally impressive, they have food; really good eclectic bar nibbles that are sure to delight and pair with their original mixologist recipes.

The atmosphere is friendly, relatively quiet, and very dark. High backed booths allow you to slip away into your own private bubble except for when you want to chat with your bartender as they make their rounds to get to know everyone. It was such a pleasant surprise to feel included and yet still given enough privacy for personal conversations. Your bill is served in a notebook which you’ll notice is missing quite a few pages. Upon entering the bathroom you’ll find that these missing pages are love letters to the bar and line the walls leaving no space uncovered. Add your own note to the wall before leaving to forever commemorate your visit. To get out you must go through the back door, a fun surprise to pop out the back and not be allowed to use the front secret entrance, certainly keeps the gimmick alive! 

Williams and Graham | Denver Speakeasy
Williams and Graham | Denver Speakeasy
Williams and Graham | Denver Speakeasy

Williams & Graham is obviously cherished as shown by the hand written notes from visitors from all over America. We had a lovely time and are glad we sought it out as we were already in Colorado, but I wouldn’t call it the best Speakeasy in the US like I’ve seen in other publications. As hidden bars are becoming more mainstream (too bad honestly) the ante is becoming greater and greater to find the crème de la crème.


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